If you have made it to this page you have no doubt seen Instant Win Games online somewhere and are wondering if there are tips and tricks on how to win instant win games. The answer is yes, there is some strategy that you can use to help increase your chance to get an instant win.

As a general rule of thumb the prizes that a giveaway has the better your chances are going to be of getting a win, but we can dive a bit deeper than that as well – here are some of my top tips on winning Instant Win Games!

1. Play Daily 

Almost every instant win game will allow you to enter daily. The more times you enter – the more chances you will have to get a win. Some instant win games will allow you to enter MORE than once per day (its important to read the rules) if that is the case, that takes me to tip number 2!

2. Spread out Entries

If you are playing an instant win game that allows you to enter more than once, then spread out the entries. This also goes for those of you who play with friends, spouses, partners etc.

Most Instant Win Games are set up on a timer. So lets say that a prize switches to available at a certain time the person who does the instant win game entry first after that time will get the win.

Usually doing entries back to back to back to back will just be a waste of the entries after the first one. Spread those entries out!


You can actually reverse this as well, some instant win games with lots of prizes that haven’t been discovered by many people yet may have prizes piled up in cue for the next person to play. In those cases if you get a win, do another entry and see if you get a second win.

When wins are piled up I suggest doing the following: Play an entry, if you get a win, play another, if you get a win play another UNTIL YOU GET NO WIN. At that point pause using your entries and give the instant win game some time to “bank” more prizes for you to win. I suggest waiting hours or maybe a day – depending on the number of prizes. – The more prizes an instant win game has, the faster the prize could possibly pile up.


– and play them without making a purchase. Almost all instant win games that require a purchase will have a mail in method for obtaining codes to play or entries WITHOUT a purchase. When these opportunities arise calculate what the cheapest way for you to enter will be, either buying the product, playing without purchase OR you may even have to do a write in for entries.

When doing the write in method it is important that you pay attention to EVERY SINGLE DETAIL that the official rules gives. Many will specify whether the entry can be written or typed, the size card or piece of paper that must be used and will have details for the envelope including size and wording.


Writing in can actually be a great way to get wins. Recently we found a Frito Lay Nintendo Switch IWG (it has ended now) where you had to either buy chips ($7.99 per bag) or write in for codes. It had lots of winners (over 1,300) and we knew that the write in campaign would be effective.

We started a discussion about it in our Freebies, Sweeps & Instant Win Games Facebook Group and were able to get the word out about the write in method. The result was that over 500 people in our Facebook Group scored a FREE Nintendo Switch along with 3 games – absolutely incredible!


This one is kind of a given – but the more prizes an instant win game (or sweepstakes in general) has, the better your chance is going to be at getting a win.

I suggest signing up (or get ready to sign up for) most of the tobacco companies websites. Their instant win games are consistently some of the best online for the number of prizes that are available to win. It isn’t uncommon for an instant win game to pop up from a tobacco company to pop up with 100,000 or more prizes in a single period – good news, you can enter most of those daily too.

TIP: When signing up for tobacco companies, make sure you use your legal name and address. They do verify that you are 21 years of age and if anything is off you will not get an account. If you have issues, reach out via their 1800 numbers, their customer service is generally pretty helpful with getting people registered.

5. Regional Instant Win Games are good for finding wins

Instant Win Games and Sweepstakes where only certain cities / states / regions can enter are good ones to be entering if you are in that area. Generally most national sweepstakes do not get the same kinda shout outs from blogs and websites like ours, which means less people will be entering those… which if you have been paying attention, means better odds for you!

In addition, lately there have been lots of  IWGs that partner up with tech companies to give codes to services like Uber, Lyft etc. The thing about these prizes is that not everyone will live in an area where they can use those prizes so people will skip entering. That means if you live in an area or use those types of things, you should be seeking those instant win games out and entering them regularly.

Hopefully these tips will help more of you guys get wins – and if you are new to sweepstakes, perhaps these tips will help you get your first win! These tips do not apply to every single instant win game, they are just various things that you can look for that will stick out, and could give you an advantage 🙂

If you are on Facebook, consider joining our Freebies, Sweeps & Instant Win Games group – we have had 1000s of people in that group win prizes from these very tips that I have put above. Also be sure to check out and bookmark our List of Instant Win Games – that list stays updated daily and you can go down the line regularly and enter them all to see if you get a win!


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