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Below you will find our HUGE list of everything sweepstakes related. The list on this page includes all sweepstakes, instant win games and daily entries mixed together. If you would like to just go to 1 specific list, please use the following:



Also if you are looking for some information on increasing your odds for a win, we have a couple of pages that you can check out! Check out our guide on How to Win Instant Win Games which is full of tips and tricks as well as an overview of how Instant Win Games work! Remember, most instant win games you can enter DAILY and there are thousands and thousands of prizes in some of them, so you will definitely want to bookmark the List of Current Instant Win Games.

We are still working https://juliesfreebies.com/current-instant-win-games/to add additional functionality to this list, but if you are on desktop you can click the “ending date” and it will sort by ending soonest / latest. As a default this list is in the order we have added them to the site.

If you get a win from using our site, please shout us out on social media. We love seeing them! Good luck and happy winning!