We see so many of our readers winning Social Media Giveaways. We post between 500-1000 new giveaways a week which means, more chances at winning. And we love seeing people win! So, we compiled this list of the best way to go about winning social media giveaways.

Basic Rules to Winning Social Media Giveaways:

1.The very first rule and the biggest rule may seem pretty obvious but it’s one a lot of people skip. Follow the directions on the post! If the giveaway requires you to like,share, comment or tag friends make sure you’re doing it all.

2. Some giveaways will ask you to tag friends. These could be for the entry or as bonus entries. It’s always best to tag friends that will participate in the giveaway post. If you are a member of our Freebies, Sweeps & Instant Win Games group, we have a post to seek out tagging buddies.

3. Make a comment that will get you noticed, especially on Facebook Giveaways. You want your comment to catch the giveaway hosts eye. Add emojis or images that pertain to the giveaway.

4. Put some thought into your comments. Replying to the post with something like “me please” is not going to get you that win. Nor will the same sorrow story, we see so many of these and they never lead to wins. Be positive, be original and be honest.

5. Set up a routine for entering. Giveaways are posted throughout the day. So setting up some sort of routine/time to focus on entering will benefit you in the long run.

6.Check the out the amount of likes and comments on a giveway post. This can show you how many people have entered. The lower amount of likes/comments the better chance you have at winning.

7. Follow the giveaway hosts page! This is another one a lot of people forget to do. Chances are, if you’re not following the page, you won’t be selected to win. The reason companies do giveaways is because they use them for marketing, make sure you give them what they are looking for! Plus, this will ensure you see future giveaways they host right away.


8. Share the post publicly. If the company or page requires you to share a post as an entry, make sure you share it and set it to public so your entry counts.

Frequently Asked Questions:

When is the best time to enter? If you have the time to do so, we suggest going through our online list twice a day. Once at noon for any ending that night and again at night for any ending the next day.

How do I know if the giveaway is legit? There are a couple things you can check for when entering if searching on your own. How long the page has been around, the prizes being given and the rules. Some giveaway posts will have the rules listed or a link to their official rules. If they don’t, send them a message and request their rules. If the page is fairly new and giving away a massive prize, chances are it’s not real. We always suggest following a page like ours where we do all that work for you and only post the legit giveaways.

Do I have to pay for them to ship the prize to me? Nope. Never. If you win a prize and the host states that you have to cover shipping, report it to us so we can remove the host from our list. Getting your prize will always be 100% Free.

How do you tell which ones are real and which ones are just collecting data?The nice thing about Social Media Giveaways is that most of them won’t have a link to collect that information, they are just where you like a page, like a post and leave a comment (instructions are usually a variation of those 3 things).

Do I need Twitter or Instagram? There are tons of giveaways posted on Facebook, so often times, it’s not required that you go out and join Twitter or Instagram. However, some giveaways offer an extra entry for following an Instagram account or Twitter account.

How will I be notified that I won? There is a couple ways. Some send will send you a message directly letting you know. Others may just reply to your comment on the post letting you know that you won.